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Network Lead Exchange helps businesspeople achieve better results from their networking efforts by offering opportunities to exchange referral commissions and take advantage of flexible meeting options. Organized by chapters or regions, our business networking company specializes in promoting new referrals Network-wide to other businesses within their chapter.

Each business that joins a chapter sets up a profile for their business that details their business category, products and services offered, promotions, and more. As a part of a chapter, members have the opportunity to network with one another and track referrals sent and received, as well as sales generated from the group. Through the platform, members can exchange ideas, share promotions and events, learn from pros, and access a network of service providers that provide specific incentives to all members across Network Lead Exchange.

Thank you for choosing Network Lead Exchange for all your small business networking needs. Our team is always on the lookout for innovative and creative ways to promote your networking efforts and help them stand out.

Services Network Lead Exchange Specializes In

Network Lead Exchange is the future of networking. With over 60 chapters emerging across the country and more businesses joining the Network every day, we’re ready to help you grow your business both locally and nationally.

Each member holds an exclusive seat for their profession, so there is no competition within the group. In-person meetings are not required, and you’ll never be fined or asked not to attend future meetings if you happen to miss any. Even though our groups are flexible, most are locally focused in your area. Each member receives access to our custom log-in platform where they can communicate, send and receive business referrals, and send and receive commissions. We encourage the sending and receiving of commissions through our virtual wallet.

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Our service helps members take their businesses to the next level by allowing them to:

  • Network with other professionals to build relationships and grow their business.
  • Lead entrepreneurs and professionals to learn from one another and promote new business referrals.
  • Exchange connections, referrals, and commissions conveniently and effectively without the traditional demanding requirements and mandatory meetings.

What Sets Network Lead Exchange Apart: Key Differentiators

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We’re Making Business Referrals Convenient

With the intent of promoting new referrals within each local chapter, Network Lead Exchange brings business referral networking online, allowing members to pass and receive leads virtually. When it comes to networking, we prioritize convenience and results: our state-of-the-art platform, organized by chapters, allows members to exchange leads and ideas, share promotions and events, learn from pros, and access a network of service providers that provide specific incentives to all members across the Network.

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We’re Available Locally and Nationwide

Network Lead Exchange has 60 chapters across the country. Our member base grows daily, with new businesses and opportunities frequently available. We provide our members with over 100 monthly networking opportunities, reaching more than 25 major cities nationwide.

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We Give Back

Community involvement is a vehicle for networking. Network Lead Exchange is rooted in giving back, and allowing members to do something helpful for others. Getting to know the local businesses in your area has a pay-it-forward effect on your community. When business professionals come together for causes, they build connections to these causes and with each other to build deeper, long-lasting business relationships.

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