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With Exit Factor, you can strategically plan for the future, ensuring the highest possible value when you decide to exit your business. Our expert exit strategy consulting services are meticulously crafted to enhance your company’s profitability, efficiency, and overall worth over time. Whether your exit is imminent or on the horizon, we provide the knowledge and resources needed for a well-rounded exit plan that aligns with industry best practices. Utilize our customized exit plan consulting services to establish a comprehensive strategy that safeguards your business’s lasting value. Invest in your future with Exit Factor, where we’ll guide you in selling your business confidently and securely.

Our track record speaks volumes about our expertise. Clients who have embraced our exit planning and exit strategy services have witnessed remarkable results within their first year. Notably, they’ve enjoyed a substantial 25% boost in profits while doubling their free time. For those opting to sell, our services have achieved a 100% success rate, with businesses realizing an impressive 56.7% increase in their overall value. These outstanding outcomes demonstrate the value of choosing Exit Factor to handle your business sale, ensuring you maximize your return on your exit plan.

Services Exit Factor Specializes In

Whether you’re looking to sell in ten years or one year, you can benefit from one of our comprehensive and proven program levels.  With five key drivers for success, we help clients double their free time, increase profits, boost business value and achieve successful exits.

Choose from three program levels tailored to your goals and budget:

  • EF 1: Do it yourself. Your goal is to spruce up the business.
  • EF 2: Do it with help. Your goal is to increase the business value by up to 50%.
  • EF 3: We do it for you. Your goal is to 2x the value of your company and beyond.

What sets Exit Factor Apart: Key Differentiators


Specialization in Business Exit Strategy

Exit Factor specializes in the world of business exits, making us a pivotal part of the entrepreneurial community. Our expert consultants are committed to guiding business owners in maximizing their businesses for increased time, profit, and long-term value. We understand that the sale or purchase of a business can be one of the most crucial transactions in someone’s life, which is why our role in crafting effective exit strategies is so vital.


In-Depth Market Insights

Our team’s extensive research, countless conversations with buyers, and involvement in numerous multimillion-dollar business sales have yielded a unique perspective. Our programs provide you with invaluable insider access to the ever-evolving market demands and what prospective buyers are willing to invest in your business. This in-depth market knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your business’s value.


We Give Back

Exit Factor is not just about business success; we’re equally passionate about giving back to the communities we serve. As a leading professional services firm, we believe in investing in and supporting the communities where we operate, reflecting our core values. We actively build sustainable community relationships based on trust and mutual respect by sharing our expertise and resources, including the time and skills of our team.

Our commitment extends to supporting non-profit organizations within our communities through various activities such as chairing boards, volunteering time, sponsoring events, and making monetary contributions. When you choose Exit Factor, you’re not just unlocking your business’s potential; you’re also contributing to the betterment of the community.

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