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Starpoint Brands™ is a constellation of trusted, award-winning brands
that provide products and services known for quality, reliability, and value.

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Starpoint Brands is much more than just a collection of the world’s most reputable and high-quality brands: We’re industry leaders who are committed to the success of local entrepreneurs while delivering the best quality products and services to communities worldwide.
We understand the importance of supporting local businesses and believe in their power to drive economic growth and strengthen communities.

We’re proud to serve so many communities around the world and help our customers achieve their goals.

We’re committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We strive to make every customer experience one that is filled with education, inspiration, and hope. Our goal is to establish an environment that encourages and fosters lasting relationships between franchise owners and their customers, allowing them to connect and develop a better understanding of each other.

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Starpoint Brands is made up of a diverse family of brands that is committed to the success of each local entrepreneur and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services to communities worldwide.

– Our Vision Statement

Brilliantly shining the way –

Our Family of Brands

The Starpoint Brands family is a collection of brands that have grown to become leaders in their respective industries and markets. Our diverse portfolio of products and services has enabled us to reach customers around the globe, allowing our franchise owners and their customers to thrive. From signage and promotional products to food and coworking spaces, we offer a variety of solution to suit your needs.

We’ve become a global company, collectively serving millions of customers in 60+ countries with over 1,600 locations worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled us to remain industry leaders for over 35 years. We make it possible for our customers to leverage synergies of our family of brands to empower their visions and improve our world.

Building our galaxy –

Our History

Starpoint Brands was formed in 2022 as a way to further feature the products and services offered by the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of affiliated franchise brands. The trusted brands that make up our family represent the very best in their respective industries, creating a growing and internationally known network of successful businesses.

Starpoint Brands are individually owned and operated by local entrepreneurs with a vision to assist customers in achieving their goals while driving the economy and supporting the community. Our purpose is to connect customers with each of our brands to continue our endeavors of supporting small business owners and the communities they serve.

The top brands that comprise our family of brands provide high-quality products and services to millions of customers worldwide each day. With outstanding resources and a global network, we’ve established these brands as leaders in their respective industries and markets, setting the stage for our franchise owners and the communities they assist to benefit from being a part of something larger yet remaining true to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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Looking to the sky and beyond –

Our Mission

At Starpoint Brands, we understand that local businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. That’s why we provide grassroots solutions from locally owned and operated businesses in your area that have access to the same resources offered by global enterprises. We’re dedicated to making your community a better place to live with entrepreneurial owners who are invested in your success.
Starpoint Brands is the stellar choice for all your product and service needs!

Franchises are an excellent way to contribute to and invest in the well-being of a community. They allow entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of starting a business, giving them the opportunity to support themselves and their families while they work. Franchises create business longevity and help boost the economy while creating more jobs for their community.