E2 Visa

The E2 Treaty Investor Visa

The E2 “Treaty Investor” Visa enables individuals, and their immediate family, who have funds to invest to come into the U.S. for the purposes of setting up a business.
With an overall approval rate of more than 80%, the E2 investor visa has one of the highest approval rates for all U.S. visas.
An advantage of the E2 visa is that it can be extended indefinitely, for as long as the business is viable.

How can we help you with your E2 visa process?

  • We work hand in hand with your immigration attorney to help you achieve your visa.
  • We can refer you to our allied immigration Law firms if you do not have an attorney.
  • We have years of experience helping prospective franchisees achieve their investor’s visa while getting into a great franchise system as an investment.
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