Meet the Team

Starpoint Brands™ is a constellation of trusted, award-winning brands that provide products and services known for quality, reliability, and value.
Ray Titus
Ray Titus | Chief Executive Officer
Ray Titus founded Signarama, growing it into the leading sign franchise in the world and laying the foundation for what has become United Franchise Group (UFG), The Global Leader for Entrepreneurs. Today UFG affiliated brands are among the most recognized within multiple industries, from franchise services to the family of affiliated franchise brands within the Starpoint Brands division. Ray’s commitment to franchising helped establish the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University, the first university center of its kind. His philosophies on growth, positive attitude, and family influence the core values that have driven success within the award-winning brands he has developed from conception to international expansion.
AJ Titus
AJ Titus | President of Starpoint Brands & Signarama
A.J. Titus, President of Starpoint Brands and Signarama, a respected leader in the franchising industry, cultivated his deep connection and passion for entrepreneurship from a foundation built by legends within the industry.  His passion for entrepreneurship and deep understanding of the industry were instilled by his father and grandfathers, all influential figures in franchising, as well as his mentor, Jim “JT” Tatem. A Certified Franchise Executive with an MBA from the University of Miami and an International Business degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University, A.J. strategically leads the worldwide development of all brands in the Starpoint Brands division, with a keen focus on the success of Signarama franchise owners. He is committed to driving positive change in the business world, contributing to the prosperity of small businesses and helping franchise owners achieve expansion and profitability.
Donna Wichman
Donna Wichman | Vice President of Operations for Starpoint Brands
Donna Wichman is a highly driven and motivated professional with a wealth of experience in project management. Donna’s career began in sports retail before transitioning to the corporate office of a local manufacturer, where her passion for project management was ignited. With a background that includes her family owning a Fully Promoted franchise, a member of the Starpoint Brands family, Donna understands the challenges and opportunities that come with franchise ownership.

Eight years ago, Donna joined Starpoint Brands as an Executive Assistant, and through hard work and determination, she rose through the ranks to various leadership positions, including Launch Services Manager, Director of Shared Services, and her current role as Vice President of Operations. Donna’s primary responsibility is to ensure a smooth and efficient opening process for all franchise owners under the Starpoint Brands division. With her lead-by-example mindset, Donna has earned a reputation as a dedicated and supportive member of the Starpoint Brands team, always ready to lend a hand to those in need.

Todd Newton
Todd Newton | Chief Financial Officer
Todd Newton was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2008. Based in West Palm Beach, he leads the global finance team, managing all financial aspects of our worldwide operations. Prior to joining Starpoint Brands, Todd was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Management Consulting Group, PLC. In that position, he was responsible for delivering results for multi-million dollar consultancy projects across a wide range of industries for Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he served in numerous financial capacities for MCG, including Senior Vice President of Finance and Worldwide Director of Internal Audit. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science.< /span>
Brady Lee
Brady Lee | Chief Operating Officer
Brady Lee has not only grown up in the franchising industry, but has built his career by building brands. Prior to his current position, Brady was President of Accurate Franchising Inc.™ (AFI), Vice President of the Franchise Development department and Director of Sales in Australia. In his current role, he influences operational integrity for all brands in the Starpoint Brands division of United Franchise Group.
Michael White
Michael White | Chief Development Officer
Michael White, Chief Development Officer and Director of Sales for United Franchise Group and Starpoint Brands, began his relationship with United Franchise Group just after earning his bachelor’s degree from Furman University, working for a Signarama store in North Carolina in marketing and sales. Within a few years, he accepted a role with the Signarama corporate office to manage franchise development and support not only in the Carolinas, but also the Southeastern US.

With an education in Spanish language studies and political science, Michael pursued leadership opportunities on a global scale by representing additional concepts within the United Franchise Group affiliated family of brands. As Director of Sales managing UFG’s global sales team, he identified and implemented strategies around the world that propelled international expansion and led to his appointment as Chief Development Officer in 2021.

Today, Michael oversees worldwide development for each of Starpoint Brands’ 9 franchise concepts, including management of all salespeople throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson | Chief Strategy Officer & President of Vast Coworking Group 

Jason Anderson joined the company over 10 years ago as Regional Vice President for Transworld Business Advisors. Over the past decade, Jason has served in a variety of roles, from Director of Franchise Development to President of Accurate Franchising, Inc. to Chief Technology Officer. As our Chief Strategy Officer, Jason works directly with the CEO as well as UFG’s board and executive team to develop inclusive strategic plans; analyze market dynamics, market share changes, product line performance, and competitive intelligence; identify key capital projects, joint ventures, potential merger and acquisition targets, and other strategic partnership opportunities. Jason also serves as the President of Vast Coworking Group, contributing to the growth of our coworking brands and using his strengths with a strategy to push franchise owner success.

Chad Palmer | Chief Marketing Officer

Chad Palmer, a respected authority in the field of digital marketing, brings over two decades of expertise to the table as the Chief Marketing Officer of United Franchise Group. In this pivotal role, he assists in the success of 11 distinct brands, orchestrating strategies that resonate across a global network of over 1600 franchisees in 60+ countries. A visionary leader, Chad is also a sought-after keynote speaker and frequent panelist, offering profound insights into the future of AI and the evolving landscape of marketing within the franchise industry.

Max Taha
Max Taha | Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer, Max Taha directs the company’s online presence and technology platforms, from websites and networking to franchisee store management and support tools. Max started his career in a Signarama store in Fargo, ND, before transitioning in 2011 to the Corporate office in West Palm Beach, FL.

Debie Chamblin
Debra Chamblin | Vice President of Royalties
As the Vice President of Royalties & Receivables for Starpoint Brands, Debbi manages the royalties’ team who is responsible for building relationships with franchise owners and collecting royalty revenue and outstanding accounts receivable for the organization. With a Bachelor in Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, Debbi has a varied career path, including positions in the hotel and banking industries before joining United Franchise Group, the parent company of Starpoint Brands.

In her current role, she has achieved significant milestones, including being inducted into our company’s Hall of Fame. Debbi’s leadership philosophy is about empowering her team to achieve greatness, and she leads by example, providing a positive work environment to help her team be their best, especially when working with franchise owners.

Mark Nichols
Mark Nichols | General Counsel
Mark brings a wealth of legal experience to our team. Mark received an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a focus in finance and a Juris Doctorate, both from the University of Florida. Mark began his legal career as a litigator throughout the state of Florida. He served his profession by serving in leadership positions with the Florida Bar Business Law Section and the American Bar Association, including Treasurer for the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division. He began his career with us in 2019 as an in-house litigation attorney and was ultimately promoted to General Counsel in November 2020.
Meghan Fletcher
Meghan Fletcher | Director of Compliance
As the Director of Compliance, Meghan is responsible for overseeing the franchise locations compliance program and ensuring compliance with the company’s brand standards. She leads designs improvements to internal control structures, enhances and monitors existing processes and procedures, and works to eliminate risks and non-conformity issues. Meghan’s strengths include a keen attention to detail, a strong understanding of compliance and risk management, and the ability to design and implement effective processes and procedures.

She is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics as well as the American Bar Association. She is also a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and is currently pursuing a CCEP (Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional) from the SCCE.

Taylor Gregory
Taylor Gregory | Director of Marketing
A native of Palm Beach County, Florida, and a competitive athlete, Taylor worked her way to graduation from Southeastern University on a volleyball scholarship. After achieving her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, she accepted a position as a Franchise Development Representative with us, where she learned the fundamentals of the franchising industry. From there, she moved into the Director of Franchise Development role for Starpoint Brands, where she managed the franchise development budget, the franchise development team, and vendor accounts. Her success led to her appointment as the Director of Marketing for all UFG-affiliated brands, including the Starpoint Brands division. Her competitive nature and strength as a mentor propelled the Franchise Development department to the next level, adding new key positions and tripling its size. Taylor’s current responsibilities include overseeing the brands’ marketing and PR efforts as well as the franchise sales marketing efforts. She also drives Starpoint Brands’ branding initiatives and the franchisee referral program.
Todd Harter
Todd Harter | Creative Director
Meet Todd Harter, the Creative Director for Starpoint Brands. Todd is a master at seeing the big picture of a brand’s needs, ensuring that the leadership team and employees can bring it together and implement it. With his expertise in graphic design and technology, he leads the marketing and creative teams, providing them with sustainable marketing products, tools, and programs that cater to the needs of the brand’s employees, franchise owners, and customers.

Todd is passionate about mentoring and training new employees, ensuring they have the skills to effectively serve the company’s brands and franchise owners. He’s always on top of the latest trends and technologies, keeping us ahead of the curve. With his creative approach to problem-solving and expert knowledge, Todd is an invaluable asset to Starpoint Brands. He’s a key player in driving the company’s success and growth.

Amy Weikel

Amy Palmer | Social Media Coordinator

Amy Palmer is a highly skilled social media expert with over 15 years of experience in marketing. She’s received various marketing certificates including social media marketing, content and inbound marketing and had numerous years of experience within franchising before joining us. With a passion for showcasing the incredible work of businesses and franchise owners that have positively impacted their communities, she uses her expertise in crafting compelling messages to connect with her audience and bring brands to life. As the Social Media Coordinator for Starpoint Brands, Amy’s primary focus is on increasing engagement, building brand awareness, and creating a strong online community.

Andrew Titus
Andrew Titus | President of Fully Promoted
Andrew Titus is a driven and motivated professional with a strong background in business and sales. Born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on management and marketing from Samford University. Throughout his career, he has consistently proven his ability to excel in leadership roles, starting as a Franchise Development Representative and working his way up to his current position as President of Fully Promoted and Executive Vice President of Development. Throughout his journey, Andrew has received numerous awards and accolades, including being named UFG’s MVP in 2021 and receiving the UFG Sales Award in 2020 and 2021. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing the development of Fully Promoted and driving revenue and unit growth for the company. Andrew’s strengths include his ability to excel in sales and leadership, as well as his relentless desire to improve and be the best.
Bill Luce
Bill Luce | President of Transworld Business Advisors

Bill Luce has more than 20 years of experience in global sales and executive management. Bill joined us in 1994 as the Director of Franchise Development. During his time in this role, he designed and developed a franchise sales system that included all aspects of advertising, lead generation, software implementation, collateral material, initial prospect contact, and management with Regional Vice Presidents. He continues to strengthen the company’s foundation and ensure the success of Transworld Business Advisors worldwide. In an industry where businesses are put up for sale every day and franchising is experiencing explosive growth, the Transworld Business Advisors model is poised for international success.

Jessica Fialkovich
Jessica Fialkovich | President of Exit Factor
Jessica Fialkovich is a top expert in the business brokerage industry. She is an expert exit strategist, keynote speaker, small business advocate, award-winning business owner, and bestselling author. Jessica is not only the founder of Exit Factor, but also the owner of the #1 business brokerage in the world.
Cory Hibbard
Cory Hibbard | President of Graze Craze
Cory Hibbard is a seasoned business professional with a strong background in operations and leadership. Born and raised in South Jersey, Hibbard received his degree in business from the Rinker School of Business at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He began his career in brand development with Red Bull North America before joining us in 2014 as a Franchise Development Representative. From there, he joined the Transworld team, where he held various positions, including Operations Advisor, Operations Manager, Director of Operations, and eventually Vice President of Operations. In his current role as President of Graze Craze, Hibbard is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the company and building strong relationships with clients and partners. Throughout his career, Hibbard has developed a reputation for his ability to think outside the box and leverage the size and strength of networks to secure the best deals.
Bob Andersen
Bob Andersen | President of The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill
Highly regarded as a restaurant industry leader with a successful track record in growing emerging restaurant brands, Bob has developed a unique and diverse perspective in all aspects of the restaurant business. His experience includes holding C-level and Senior executive positions with a large international restaurant company, launching a start-up restaurant brand, and today he’s the President of the Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. Bob has also owned, developed, and operated multi-unit restaurants as a multi-brand franchisee, area developer, and area representative.

Having successfully led teams in QSR, fast-casual, and full-service restaurant brands to achieve remarkable results in operational performance, brand experience, franchising, and sales growth, each brand has achieved exceptional growth results and recognition from the national press, including Nation’s Restaurant News “Hot Concepts” and Fast Casual “Top Concepts to Watch” awards. Bob credits the driving force behind The Great Greek’s team success to the result of their focus and commitment to delivering on three simple principles: Engage Great People, Nurture a Great Brand Culture, and Select Great Restaurant Sites.

Austin Titus

Austin Titus | President of Cannoli Kitchen Pizza

Austin Titus is the President of Cannoli Kitchen Pizza, a visionary leader with a passion for helping people achieve the American Dream—a trait ingrained in him by his family’s rich tradition of entrepreneurship. His grandfather, Roy Titus, founded Minute Man Press®, while his father, Ray Titus, established Signarama® and United Franchise Group™ (UFG), a renowned global leader for entrepreneurs.

Austin’s journey began at Florida Atlantic University, where he gained hands-on experience with Signarama® and Fully Promoted® franchise owners while studying business. Since then, he has made remarkable strides within Starpoint Brands, serving as President of the Emerging Brands division and Network Lead Exchange™ (NLX) before being appointed President of Cannoli Kitchen Pizza. With his strategic vision and dedication, Austin is driving the brand’s success within the Starpoint Brands division of United Franchise Group and ensuring a prosperous future for Cannoli Kitchen Pizza.

Michael Brugger
Michael Brugger | President of Franchise Real Estate
Mike joined us in 1994 and has been very successful in overseeing multiple departments of the company since. In 2000, Mike opened and managed the very first EmbroidMe (now Fully Promoted) store in West Palm Beach, FL. Among many other roles, Mike has managed marketing, technology, and training departments and spent four years as the President of Fully Promoted, where he led the Fully Promoted team to help the brand and franchise owners grow profitability. Most recently, Mike transitioned to President of Franchise Real Estate, where he oversees Starpoint Brands’ real estate team. His goal is to help franchise owners to find ideal locations to get them open as quickly as possible while setting them up for success.
Tiffany Mercurio
Tiffany Mercurio | Training Coordinator
Tiffany has deep roots in West Palm Beach, Florida where she was born and raised. She attended Florida Atlantic University where she pursued here Bachelor’s degree in Finance. As the Training Coordinator, she supports the training team in delivering comprehensive training programs to franchise owners. Her focus on serving others, along with her positive outlook and strong communication skills, make her an invaluable asset in ensuring franchisees are ready to launch their businesses. Tiffany’s “dive-in and get-it-done” approach to work and her upbeat personality make the training experience both productive and enjoyable. By playing a critical role in the success of franchise owners, she contributes to the growth and prosperity of the entire franchise community.